Bag of Words

This data set contains five text collections in the form of bags-of-words.



作者 MCI Machine Learning Repository
最後更新 九月 26, 2019, 23:13 (CST)
建立 九月 6, 2018, 16:07 (CST)
Area "N/A"
Associated Tasks "Clustering"
Attribute Characteristics "Integer"
Data Set Characteristics "Text"
Date Donated "2008-03-12"
Missing Values "N/A"
Number of Instances "8000000"
Number of Web Hits "258541"
Number_of_Attributes "100000"


  • Dorothea

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    DOROTHEA is a drug discovery dataset. Chemical compounds represented by structural molecular features must be classified as active (binding to thrombin) or inactive. This is one...
  • 仲介本國人在國內工作之私立就業服務機構資料

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  • 國網洞見資料集_經濟_14

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    關鍵字: 櫃員機,農會,所屬,安定,關查,輪椅,轉接,端末,尚未,obu,等等
  • 10370-06-01-2 臺中市勞工服務中心服務案件

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  • Epileptic Seizure Recognition

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    This dataset is a pre-processed and re-structured/reshaped version of a very commonly used dataset featuring epileptic seizure detection.