CSM (Conventional and Social Media Movies) Dataset 2014 and 2015

12 features categorized as conventional and social media features. Both conventional features, collected from movies databases on Web as well as social media features(YouTube,Twitter).



作者 MCI Machine Learning Repository
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建立 九月 7, 2018, 14:04 (CST)
Area "Computer"
Associated Tasks "Classification
Attribute Characteristics "Integer"
Data Set Characteristics "Multivariate"
Date Donated "2017-10-11"
Missing Values "Yes"
Number of Instances "217"
Number of Web Hits "8445"
Number_of_Attributes "12"


  • Australian Sign Language signs (High Quality)

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    This data consists of sample of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs. 27 examples of each of 95 Auslan signs were captured from a native signer using high-quality position...
  • Head-Neck-PET-CT

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    This collection contains FDG-PET/CT and radiotherapy planning CT imaging data of 300 patients from four different institutions in Québec with histologically proven head-and-neck...
  • CC-Radiomics-Phantom

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    Lung Phantom This collection consists of 17 CT scans of the Credence Cartridge Radiomics (CCR) phantom, which was designed for use in studies of texture feature robustness. The...
  • 公司登記現有家數及實收資本額-按行業別及縣市別

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  • UNIX User Data

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    This file contains 9 sets of sanitized user data drawn from the command histories of 8 UNIX computer users at Purdue over the course of up to 2 years.