THE MNIST DATABASE of handwritten digits

mnist 手寫辨識資料

mnist in csv 格式,出自於kaggle

  • Yann LeCun, Courant Institute, NYU
  • Corinna Cortes, Google Labs, New York
  • Christopher J.C. Burges, Microsoft Research, Redmond

The MNIST database of handwritten digits, available from this page, has a training set of 60,000 examples, and a test set of 10,000 examples. It is a subset of a larger set available from NIST. The digits have been size-normalized and centered in a fixed-size image.

It is a good database for people who want to try learning techniques and pattern recognition methods on real-world data while spending minimal efforts on preprocessing and formatting.



最後更新 十月 11, 2020, 07:36 (CST)
建立 三月 7, 2018, 16:41 (CST)


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