The data are binary attack-point vectors and their clave-direction class(es) according to the partido-alto-based paradigm.



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  • Synthetic and Phantom MR Images for Determining Deformable Image Registration...

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    Two sets of images were created to evaluate deformable image registration accuracy. The first set contains CT, T1-, and T2-weighted images from a porcine phantom. The phantom...
  • 花蓮縣地方稅務局106年使用牌照稅稅源-2

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  • Gisette

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    GISETTE is a handwritten digit recognition problem. The problem is to separate the highly confusible digits '4' and '9'. This dataset is one of five datasets of the NIPS 2003...
  • Document Understanding

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    Five concepts, expressed as predicates, to be learned
  • 積欠工資墊償追償統計

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