FMA: A Dataset For Music Analysis

FMA features 106,574 tracks and includes song title, album, artist, genres; play counts, favorites, comments; description, biography, tags; together with audio (343 days, 917 GiB) and features.



作者 MCI Machine Learning Repository
最後更新 八月 18, 2019, 17:01 (CST)
建立 九月 6, 2018, 16:13 (CST)
Area "Computer"
Associated Tasks "Classification
Attribute Characteristics "Real"
Data Set Characteristics "Multivariate
Date Donated "2017-05-24"
Missing Values "N/A"
Number of Instances "106574"
Number of Web Hits "44478"
Number_of_Attributes "518"


  • YearPredictionMSD

    付費方式 免費
    更新頻率 不定期
    Prediction of the release year of a song from audio features. Songs are mostly western, commercial tracks ranging from 1922 to 2011, with a peak in the year 2000s.
  • LSVT Voice Rehabilitation

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    更新頻率 不定期
    126 samples from 14 participants, 309 features. Aim
  • Geographical Original of Music

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    更新頻率 不定期
    Instances in this dataset contain audio features extracted from 1059 wave files. The task associated with the data is to predict the geographical origin of music.
  • 林務局所轄自然步道軌跡圖-071_香山森林步道

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    更新頻率 不定期
  • 「跨行通匯-交易縣市分佈」結構比統計(月報)

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    更新頻率 不定期