UJI Pen Characters (Version 2)

A pen-based database with more than 11k isolated handwritten characters



作者 MCI Machine Learning Repository
最後更新 八月 18, 2019, 17:16 (CST)
建立 九月 7, 2018, 12:10 (CST)
Area "Computer"
Associated Tasks "Classification"
Attribute Characteristics "Integer"
Data Set Characteristics "Multivariate
Date Donated "2009-01-22"
Missing Values "N/A"
Number of Instances "11640"
Number of Web Hits "52706"
Number_of_Attributes "N/A"


  • Carbon Nanotubes

    付費方式 免費
    更新頻率 不定期
    This dataset contains 10721 initial and calculated atomic coordinates of carbon nanotubes.
  • 花蓮縣多元繳稅方式統計表(104-108年)

    付費方式 免費
    更新頻率 不定期
  • Simulated Falls and Daily Living Activities Data Set

    付費方式 免費
    更新頻率 不定期
    20 falls and 16 daily living activities were performed by 17 volunteers with 5 repetitions while wearing 6 sensors (3.060 instances) that attached to their head, chest, waist,...
  • 15歲以上人口每日吸菸率

    付費方式 免費
    更新頻率 不定期
  • 不動產實價登錄資訊-買賣案件-雙溪區

    付費方式 免費
    更新頻率 不定期
    不動產賣賣案件實價登錄資訊,包含標的位置(去識別化)、面積、總價等資訊。 2. 本資料集為每10日更新一次。-雙溪區