US Census Data (1990)

The USCensus1990raw data set contains a one percent sample of the Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) person records drawn from the full 1990 census sample.



作者 MCI Machine Learning Repository
最後更新 九月 26, 2019, 23:19 (CST)
建立 九月 7, 2018, 08:30 (CST)
Area "Social"
Associated Tasks "Clustering"
Attribute Characteristics "Categorical"
Data Set Characteristics "Multivariate"
Date Donated "N/A"
Missing Values "N/A"
Number of Instances "2458285"
Number of Web Hits "117540"
Number_of_Attributes "68"


  • Movie

    付費方式 免費
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    This data set contains a list of over 10000 films including many older, odd, and cult films. There is information on actors, casts, directors, producers, studios, etc.
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    This is the data set used for The Second International Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Tools Competition, which was held in conjunction with KDD-98
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    This dataset contains force and torque measurements on a robot after failure detection. Each failure is characterized by 15 force/torque samples collected at regular time intervals
  • Anonymous Web Data

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    This data describes the page visits of users who visited on September 28, 1999. Visits are recorded at the level of URL category (see description) and are recorded in...