Wine Quality

Two datasets are included, related to red and white vinho verde wine samples, from the north of Portugal. The goal is to model wine quality based on physicochemical tests (see [Cortez et al., 2009], [Web Link]).



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  • News Popularity in Multiple Social Media Platforms

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    Large data set of news items and their respective social feedback on multiple platforms
  • 空氣盒子即時量測資料(30mis/update)

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    資料集描述: 於106年12月14日改版, 由原先提供之「空氣盒子設備資料」、「即時監測資料」及「歷史偵測資料」,改版為「即時監測資料」及「歷史偵測資料」,「空氣盒子設備資料」與「即時監測資料」合併,歷史偵測資料維持不變。 即時偵測資料:一小時內各地空氣盒子所蒐集的資料及地理位置資料。 歷史偵測資料:七天內的歷史資料。...
  • Online Retail

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    This is a transnational data set which contains all the transactions occurring between 01/12/2010 and 09/12/2011 for a UK-based and registered non-store online retail.
  • Daily Demand Forecasting Orders

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    The dataset was collected during 60 days, this is a real database of a brazilian logistics company.
  • 10956-00-01-2 臺中市公有收費停車位及收入金額

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