• Ultrasonic flowmeter diagnostics

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    Fault diagnosis of four liquid ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Physicochemical Properties of Protein Tertiary Structure

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    This is a data set of Physicochemical Properties of Protein Tertiary Structure. The data set is taken from CASP 5-9. There are 45730 decoys and size varying from 0 to 21 armstrong.
  • Blood Transfusion Service Center

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    Data taken from the Blood Transfusion Service Center in Hsin-Chu City in Taiwan -- this is a classification problem.
  • EMG dataset in Lower Limb

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    3 different exercises
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Recognition Using Binary Sensors

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    This dataset comprises information regarding the ADLs performed by two users on a daily basis in their own homes.
  • Tennis Major Tournament Match Statistics

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    This is a collection of 8 files containing the match statistics for both women and men at the four major tennis tournaments of the year 2013. Each file has 42 columns and a...
  • Parkinson Disease Spiral Drawings Using Digitized Graphics Tablet

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    Handwriting database consists of 62 PWP(People with Parkinson) and 15 healthy individuals. Three types of recordings (Static Spiral Test, Dynamic Spiral Test and Stability Test)...
  • PubChem Bioassay Data

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    These highly imbalanced bioassay datasets are from the differing types of screening that can be performed using HTS technology. 21 datasets were created from 12 bioassays.
  • Auto MPG

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    Revised from CMU StatLib library, data concerns city-cycle fuel consumption
  • Function Finding

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    Cases collected mostly from investigations in physical science; intention is to evaluate function-finding algorithms
  • Statlog (Vehicle Silhouettes)

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    3D objects within a 2D image by application of an ensemble of shape feature extractors to the 2D silhouettes of the objects.
  • Phishing Websites

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    This dataset collected mainly from
  • Parkinsons

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    Oxford Parkinson's Disease Detection Dataset
  • Mice Protein Expression

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    Expression levels of 77 proteins measured in the cerebral cortex of 8 classes of control and Down syndrome mice exposed to context fear conditioning, a task used to assess...
  • Poker Hand

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    Purpose is to predict poker hands
  • Adult

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    Predict whether income exceeds $50K/yr based on census data. Also known as "Census Income" dataset.
  • Contraceptive Method Choice

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    Dataset is a subset of the 1987 National Indonesia Contraceptive Prevalence Survey.
  • Multimodal Damage Identification for Humanitarian Computing

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    5879 captioned images (image and text) from social media related to damage during natural disasters/wars, and belong to 6 classes
  • Epileptic Seizure Recognition

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    This dataset is a pre-processed and re-structured/reshaped version of a very commonly used dataset featuring epileptic seizure detection.
  • microblogPCU

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    MicroblogPCU data is crawled from sina weibo microblog[[Web Link]]. This data can be used to study machine learning methods as well as do some social network research.