• UbiqLog (smartphone lifelogging)

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    UbiqLog is the smartphone lifelogging tool that runs on the smartphone of 35 users for about 2 months.
  • Geo-Magnetic field and WLAN dataset for indoor localisation from wristband an...

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    A multisource and multivariate dataset for indoor localisation methods based on WLAN and Geo-Magnetic field fingerprinting
  • Machine Learning based ZZAlpha Ltd. Stock Recommendations 2012-2014

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    The data here are the ZZAlpha® machine learning recommendations made for various US traded stock portfolios the morning of each day during the 3 year period Jan 1, 2012 - Dec...
  • Wall-Following Robot Navigation Data

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    The data were collected as the SCITOS G5 robot navigates through the room following the wall in a clockwise direction, for 4 rounds, using 24 ultrasound sensors arranged...
  • PAMAP2 Physical Activity Monitoring

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    The PAMAP2 Physical Activity Monitoring dataset contains data of 18 different physical activities, performed by 9 subjects wearing 3 inertial measurement units and a heart rate...
  • Dow Jones Index

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    This dataset contains weekly data for the Dow Jones Industrial Index. It has been used in computational investing research.
  • MHEALTH Dataset

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    The MHEALTH (Mobile Health) dataset is devised to benchmark techniques dealing with human behavior analysis based on multimodal body sensing.
  • Diabetes 130-US hospitals for years 1999-2008

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    This data has been prepared to analyze factors related to readmission as well as other outcomes pertaining to patients with diabetes.
  • Vertebral Column

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    Data set containing values for six biomechanical features used to classify orthopaedic patients into 3 classes (normal, disk hernia or spondilolysthesis) or 2 classes (normal or...
  • MicroMass

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    A dataset to explore machine learning approaches for the identification of microorganisms from mass-spectrometry data.
  • Heterogeneity Activity Recognition

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    The Heterogeneity Human Activity Recognition (HHAR) dataset from Smartphones and Smartwatches is a dataset devised to benchmark human activity recognition algorithms...
  • SGEMM GPU kernel performance

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    Running times for multiplying two 2048 x 2048 matrices using a GPU OpenCL SGEMM kernel with varying parameters (using the library 'CLTune').
  • Daphnet Freezing of Gait

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    This dataset contains the annotated readings of 3 acceleration sensors at the hip and leg of Parkinson's disease patients that experience freezing of gait (FoG) during walking...
  • Air Quality

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    Contains the responses of a gas multisensor device deployed on the field in an Italian city. Hourly responses averages are recorded along with gas concentrations references from...
  • Gas Sensor Array Drift Dataset

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    This archive contains 13910 measurements from 16 chemical sensors utilized in simulations for drift compensation in a discrimination task of 6 gases at various levels of...
  • Indoor User Movement Prediction from RSS data

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    This dataset contains temporal data from a Wireless Sensor Network deployed in real-world office environments. The task is intended as real-life benchmark in the area of Ambient...
  • Bach Choral Harmony

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    The data set is composed of 60 chorales (5665 events) by J.S. Bach (1675-1750). Each event of each chorale is labelled using 1 among 101 chord labels and described through 14...
  • OpinRank Review Dataset

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    This data set contains user reviews of cars and and hotels collected from Tripadvisor (~259,000 reviews) and Edmunds (~42,230 reviews).
  • Anuran Calls (MFCCs)

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    Acoustic features extracted from syllables of anuran (frogs) calls, including the family, the genus, and the species labels (multilabel).
  • Facebook Comment Volume Dataset

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    Instances in this dataset contain features extracted from facebook posts. The task associated with the data is to predict how many comments the post will receive.