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07_OCT and H&E Datatset

OCT and H&E Dataset

This document descibes the information about 2 dataset, which are (1) in-vivo human skin images scannned by full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) system and (2) H&E human skin images scanned by white light microscope. Both of the dataset respectively contains 1096 images with the size of 496 x 192 pixels

Data Collection


The OCT huamn skin image dataset was obtained using the Ce3+:YAG light source Mirau-based FF-OCT system from the Biophotonic Tomography Laboratory at National Taiwan University.


The H&E human skin image dataset used in this study was acquired via a white light microscope (Eclipse LV100 POL) at the National Taiwan University of Hospital.

Data format

All of the data in this dataset is in PNG format, with images all measuring 496 x 192 pixels. The OCT dataset comprises grayscale images, while the H&E dataset comprises RGB images. In both the OCT and H&E datasets, the physical pixel size is normalized to 0.5 um in both the vertical and horizontal directions.


Please note that the source of the OCT dataset and H&E dataset are from different patients, which mean the data for two dataset is unpaired.



作成者 Chih-Hao Liu
メンテナー Sheng-Lung Huang
最終更新 4月 24, 2023, 15:53 (CST)
作成日 4月 14, 2023, 17:46 (CST)


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